The Pros & Cons…Band vs. DJ Edition

 Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or any other celebration there has to be music! You have your to-do item, now you’re faced with the decision of choosing between hiring a band or hiring a DJ to provide the musical entertainment for your event.

Let’s first go over the pieces of your event that must be considered:

  • Audience
  • Budget
  • Atmosphere

Here are the Pros and Cons to consider when choosing between a DJ and hiring Live Entertainment:

DJ (Disc Jockey)


Keep the party going!: DJ’s will keep the same consistency of the music going all night long, as they do not have to take breaks like bands and live entertainment do.

Budget Friendly: Typically, with DJ’s you are only hiring 1 or 2 people, instead of an entire band of 5 people. This leads to a very budget friendly option. In addition, it is customary to provide a plate for your musical entertainment, and it is much cheaper to pay for 2 plates rather than 5.

Easy Recognition and Selection: Have you ever heard a band’s rendition of a song and think ” I’ve never heard this rendition of this song “? DJ’s provide you with the authentic version of your favorite and requested songs. DJ’s are also a sure bet for selection! No need to worry about the band not being able to pull off your favorite song, DJ’s are a sure bet when providing all of your requested songs.


Stuck in the routine: The event is going on, and while you’re having a great time, but the DJ’s is bored at work. Some DJ’s can get stuck in a rut and not provide you with the exciting hosting you were looking for.

Music is great, but the hosting sucks: Most of the time when hiring a DJ you’re hiring the service of music but also hosting. It is very important that your DJ is adaptable and quick with changes, lively and has all of their information correct and current. We’d hate to announce the bar is closing, 30 minutes early.

Live Entertainment


Wow Factor!: If the right live entertainment is hired for your event and they provide the energy and atmosphere you are looking for, you can guarantee people will be talking about your event long after the band has stopped playing.

Guest Interaction: The right band is dedicated to providing your guests with a great experience, which usually means, guest interaction. Bands have unlimited options to jump off stage and dance with the guests or even provide them with a chance to join them on the microphone. This really adds to your guests positive experience at the event.


Budget Pusher: When hiring live entertainment, you aren’t just paying for the service of musical entertainment. Often times you will be paying for travel fees and equipment fees.

Break Time: It is not hard to see, live entertainment takes a lot more effort than DJing, which means they need to take breaks between sets. This means you do not have the same consistent energy and entertainment throughout the event.

“Sorry, that’s not on our set list”: Bands typically have a list of songs they perform during their sets. These lists may not include your favorite songs or any requested songs of your guests.

Once you’ve taken the total package of your event into consideration including your audience type, budget and event atmosphere, take the time to look over these pros and cons and decide whether your event is calling Live Entertainment or DJ.

If you put the time and the effort into choosing the right vendor for either option you and your guests are guaranteed to have a great time!


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