Thinking Outside the Circle – Square and Rectangular Banquet Tables

It’s time we start thinking outside of the circle. Often times when it comes to laying out our events and ordering our party supplies, we run straight to the traditional round banquet tables.

Let’s pull our seat out from the classic round banquet table and see what else there is out there for us.

A square banquet table provides for not only a different look and introduces your guests to something new, but it also adds to the ease of dinner conversation.

When planning corporate events, consider your attendees comfort. Laying out the venue with square tables and leaving one side empty of seating, allows for all of your guests to have a clear and comfortable view of the stage, without the table looking odd or empty. (Photo:

When I think of rectangular banquet tables, I think of family. Consider rectangular tables for your next baby or bridal shower. Anytime you want to feel the closeness and love of a family at an event, rectangular banquet tables are the way to go. (Photo:

You can always mix it up, using a variety of square, round and rectangular tables for your event. For example, in my catering server day I staffed a very creative wedding, where all family and bridal party were seated at long family style rectangular tables, and the wedding guests were seated at classic rounds. (Photo:

Bonus! If you’re really “brave”, I found this wonderful idea of an octagon table. This is the perfect marriage between new shape and classic round. (Photo:

For your next event, just take a few minutes and think outside the circle. You might just find a new look that is sure to wow your guests and maybe even yourself.


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