Let’s Plan Together…A Baby “Sprinkle” Edition Pt. 1

Presenting the Baby Sprinkle, a new twist on Baby Showers. Typically, ” sprinkles ” are given for moms-to-be giving birth for the 2nd time, or for the woman who ” doesn’t want anything big “.

There are so many great themes for baby showers, and sometimes the greatest of them all, is the simplest of them all. So, why not present a sprinkle themed, baby sprinkle!

When doing any event its important to get your guests excited about your theme from the beginning, even if its just your color theme. So let’s send out a ” sprinkle ” themed invite to get the party started. Something simple, like this one (minus the confetti)…(Photo: 1.b.blogspot.com)

I don’t know if it’s the ” guest ” in me, but I love working on favor ideas first!

– Any “sprinkled” dessert packaged to go – rice krispie treats, chocolate        covered pretzels or marshmallows with sprinkles
– Flower Seeds – to sprinkle thier garden with
– Bath Salts – to sprinkle in their bath

Baby showers/sprinkles are supposed to be fun and everyone should be chatting away, so let’s not do a formal meal, let the guests sprinkle together their own meal, let’s try…A Mashed Potato Bar

I went to a bridal shower that featured a mashed potato bar and I’ve been in love ever since. Since we’re most likely talking about women, let’s make it girly with martini glasses, no plates or bowls! And no, we’re not just doing regular spuds, let’s do sweet potatoes too! And of course every ” bar ” needs options to sprinkle on, so let’s go beyond the usual (butter, sour cream, cheese, chives) with shrimp, sausage crumbles, diced onions and green peppers, bacon, assorted veggies and for the sweet potatoes, marshmallows and maple syrup. (Photo: mooreminutes.com)

You always have to go for a little extra touch, so why not come up with a few creations for your guests to try. You can even name them based on the guest of honor. (Photo: moorminutes.com)

Ok, so maybe a mashed potato bar is a little too indulgent, we can always do the same with salad. Let guests ” sprinkle ” together their salad with all the veggie fixings and options of shrimp, chicken or tofu.

Now on to the dessert.

We could go for a very simple and easy dessert offering, such as cupcakes covered in springles, or cake decorated with sprinkles such as this adorable one. (Photo: moniquephoto.com)

Or we could go bigger, with an ice cream station for guests to sprinkle on thier toppings. (Photo: marthastewart.com)

Looks to me like we have the great start to a memorable baby sprinke!


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