Multi-purposing to Save the Budget

If there’s anything I have learned working in the nonprofit arena, it’s saving the budget is essential. One of the best ways to save a budget is to cut down on the items purchased and try to get double duty of the necessary items.

Today I’d like to feature several tablescape must have’s that can be multipurposed to save the budget.

These wine labels are a great item!!!! (Photo:

To get the full effect
With these creative labels you have table numbers and your guests have wine to be self served throughout the evening.

The combo of the menu and place card is great!

There’s no need to purchase menus and place cards, when you can just combine them at the same time. So simple, it makes you wonder ” why didn’t I think of that? “. (Photo:

Next time you start stressing over the budget, take a few seconds and think about how you can multipurporse your essentials and desires.

And if you can’t think of anything, come on back and see what I have for you.


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