“If you’re going to do” Tips on implementing event planning trends…Table Number Edition

The ” If you’re going to do ” post series will provide a few tips on how to enhance a particular event theme or event piece. These posts will include tips on how to make it stand out, how to properly do it or some inspiration to help you get the idea going.

Today, lets talk about “If you’re going to do creative Table Numbers “.

If you’re going to do places you’ve been as a couple…Make it engaging.

– Did you take a road trip to Atlantic City with some friends? They should be seated at the ” Atlantic City ” Table. Not only can they relate, they can also provide funny stories about the trip with the other guests seated at the table.

– Provide information about the location, a historical fact or significant moment in your relationship that occurred there.

– Add a picture of the location. Not you two. Despite what you may think, everybody does not want to stare at a picture of you two the entire time. (Photo: exquisiteweddingsmagazine.com)

If you’re going to do ” favorites ” (movies, songs, etc.)…Make sure your guests can relate.

Don’t sit your grandmother at the ” Beyonce, Single Ladies ” Table. She would probably be best suited for ” Heatwave, Always and Forever”.

If you’re going to do significant dates or numbersBe strategic in your guests seating.

– Try to make sure your guests can relate to that particular date or fact about your relationship.

For example: Seat your college friends at Table 3 if you ” met on the 3rd floor of Johnson Residential Hall ” (Photo: marthastewartwedding.com)

If you’re going to do famous places in the city you’re getting married…Give it some information.

-When doing popular locations in your wedding city’s give some information, perhaps a historic fact, a website for people to visit or a picture.

-Tie it into your wedding website. Include a page for suggested places your out-of-town guests can visit, those should be same as your table names.

What are some table number creations you’ve seen or have been thinking about that really wow you? Let me know, leave a comment!


One thought on ““If you’re going to do” Tips on implementing event planning trends…Table Number Edition

  1. I’m a fan of including photos of the couple everywhere. It’s the only time I can justify showing the photos of me and my Boo!!!! Just my opinion. Great posts and suggestions.

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