It’s all the craze…Popsicle Edition

It is officially spring, which means its time to start planning our backyard get together, birthday party and shower!

When we generally think about outdoor spring and summer events our menu ideas begin with burgers, steaks, pasta salad and ice cream.

But what about popsicles! Definitely a childhood treat that somehow melted through the adult years. I say we bring popsicles back on the springtime menu.

Here are a few ” adult ” popsicle recipes to serve at your next backyard shindig.

My personal favorite…Mojito Popsicles (Recipe)

For the beer drinkers…Corona Beer Popsicle (Recipe)

For the ladies…Strawberry Margaritas Popsicles (Recipe)

If you want to have kid friendly popsicles with an added ” adult ” feature, serve the popsicles with a glass of Prosecco or Champagne. The popsicles will add flavor to the already great tasting wine and champagne.

Bonus Tip: Shot glasses make the perfect serving ware for these too!

The flavor possibilities are endless! Leave a comment with your favorite popsicle flavor!


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