Répondez S’il Vous Plait or in plain words RSVP

One small key to a great guest experience with your event is to get the theme started early and keep it going.

The first time a guest is introduced to your event is the invitation packages, including the RSVP card. Yes, I know we live in the world of technology and it is oh so very rare for people to send in actual RSVP cards. But, if you do decide to do formal RSVP cards or have the option of customizing your online RSVPs try a few of these creative RSVP wording options.

Travel Theme

Wouldn’t miss it for the world

Have to celebrate from afar

Outdoors Event

Count me in…Rain or Shine

Sorry, Don’t have an umbrella

Destination Wedding

Yes, Our bags are packed!

No, suitcase is in the closet.

Golf Outing

We’re on the green…we’ll be there!

Sorry, we can’t swing it


We’ll be there to bask in the warmth!

Can’t make it…we’re out in the cold.

Game Night/Casino Night

You bet we’ll be there!

No dice, can’t make the trip.

You bet, we’ll be there!

We’re out of luck. Deal us out!

Halloween Party/Costume Party

Boo! We’ll be there and dressed to scare!

Boo! We can’t make it!

Surprise Party

We love surprises! We’ll be there!

We were surprised to find we already have plans.

Engagement Party

We’ll say “yes!”

Sorry, we have a previous engagement.

Formal Dinner Party

We’ll be at your table for dinner!

Sorry, our table is already set.

Yes, we look forward to dinner!

Sorry, we’re unable, our plate is full.

Leave a comment with some of the creative RSVPs you’ve seen!


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