“If you’re going to do”…Cocktail Reception Edition

The ” If you’re going to do ” post series provides a few tips on how to enhance a particular event theme or event piece. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, birthday party or shower, Cocktail Receptions are the ideal layouts for gathering, chatting and networking. Here are a few tips and ideas to have the perfect cocktail reception:

If you’re going to do a cocktail receptionmake sure the venue has ample space.

Everyone loves to see a packed house, but keep in mind your guest count when choosing a venue. Guests should have enough room to roam about and mingle. A small venue will have the illusion of a lot of people, but an appropriate venue will make your guests comfortable and sure to return to another of your hosted events.

If you’re going to do a cocktail receptionmake the layout comfortable for guests.

Cocktail tables are perfect for, well, cocktail receptions! They are just tall enough for guests to set down their drink and plate and converse but also don’t take up a lot of floor space. (Photo: www.thebridesofoklahoma.com)

The lounge style is also a great option for providing comfy seating and conversation areas. Lounge areas are perfect for the creative planner because it opens up the opportunity for high style, VIP looks to down home, living room looks. The possibilities are numerous. (Photo: lovewedd.com)

I suggest a combination of both. Cocktail tables for those looking to mingle about and a lounge area for those who want to have a seat, people watch and enjoy great conversation.

If you’re going to do a cocktail receptionyour food and beverage should be accommodating for your guests.

There are so many creative ways to set plate and serve food. Shot glasses are a trend that has stuck around for awhile. Perfect for soups, dips and desserts, shot glasses are easy to hold and enjoy.

Skewers are a great serving option as well. They are easy to pick up and stay on the plate easily. If using skewers, remember to provide forks as well, most people like to slide the food off onto the plate for classier eating. (Photo:notesfromdionne.blogspot.com)

If you’re going to do a cocktail receptionfood and beverage should be easily served.

Self -served or served by a catering staff, cocktail receptions food and beverage should be quick and easy to serve. Allow your guests the time to mingle, instead of standing in line. (Photo: tasteofhome.com)

– Have well placed and easy to read signage. Let your guests clearly understand the delicious treats they’re welcome to.
For the bar: Have a limited selection. Try having a signature drink and a selection fo wine and beer. This will cut down time spent at the bar. Not to mention your budget.
– Choose a menu with foods that are easy to eat with a small fork such as meatballs.  If the menu includes finger foods, try to keep to dry, not so saucy items such as mini egg rolls and quiche. There’s usually a lot of hugging and hand shaking.

Cheers to your next cocktail reception!


One thought on ““If you’re going to do”…Cocktail Reception Edition

  1. I really like the lounge style. I would like to see a photo that includes the cocktail tables and the lounge seating. I can’t quite picture how the height contrast would work.

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