Planning with the Guest of Honor in Mind

Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation party or going away party, it’s always important to keep the Guest of Honor in mind.

Here are a few things to remember when planning an event for someone else.

Unless it’s a surprise, get input from the guest of honor. Perhaps, they have always dreamed of a certain theme, or have some ideas they would enjoy for their party. Try asking them to describe their ideal party in three words, and use that as your inspiration.

Get an Advisory Committee. Keep it small, but get some input from other important people in the guest of honor’s life. Parents, siblings, other close friends and significant others can bring a bit of information and ideas to the table.

For venue selection, keep in mind the guest list. Choose a location that is best for the majority of the guest list. If guests would be traveling 45 minutes to an hour to get to the venue, you might want to consider having it closer to their side of town or state. If guests will be traveling from a longer distance, choose a venue close to hotels.

Everybody knows that! Think about the one or two things that everyone can say about the guest of honor. Does he/she love the color green? Or do they love the Twilight series? Take the top one or two things everyone knows about the guest of honor and try to include it into the party. It will make everyone feel more welcomed and the guest of honor will be totally excited!

You can throw their ” favorites ” into the party with pieces such as the cake, signature drink, decorations, overall theme, favors and centerpieces.

Consider their personality. If the guest of honor is a little on the shy side, try to keep the party intimate with a small guest list of people they are very close to. On the other hand, if the guest of honor is outgoing, go all out and have everyone join in on the fun!

– Co-ed Baby Showers and Wedding Showers. Men like to have fun too! Sometimes when planning ladies event, we get swept up in the notion that it has to be women only. Not true! See if the guest of honor would consider having a co-ed baby shower or wedding shower. The more the merrier!

 They are the guest of honor for a reason! Use these tips and they are sure to remember their party feeling honored and happy!


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