Choosing Floral Centerpieces at a Lower Budget

Floral centerpieces can be a huge portion of your budget, unless you get creative! Here are a few tips to remember when planning your floral centerpieces, in order to maximize your budget.

– Design with in season flowers in mind. In season flowers can be found for a lower price compared to out of season flowers. (Photo:

– Focus solely on your floral of choice. Here is where DIY comes into play, choose your favorite flower and create a very simple centerpiece around only that flower. (Photo:

– Use the most forgotten floral around, Baby’s Breath. Here are a few ideas for using Baby’s Breath to create very classy and low-budget centerpieces. (Photo:

Bonus: If you aren’t particular about your floral choices, consider allowing your caterer to provide the floral pieces. Most caterers work with wholesale florists and are able to create wonderful floral centerpieces at a lower cost than a formal florist.

Bonus: Below is a simple and easy chart identifying various flowers and their season. (Photo:


What’s your favorite flower of choice? Leave a comment and let us know!


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