It’s all the Craze: The Sip and See

Whether your welcoming a new baby of your own or celebrating someone else’s joy, consider a Sip and See (or Eat and Meet). A Sip and See is customarily given 3 weeks -2 months after the baby is born to celebrate the new family. They are generally a casual, open house style, as baby showers are usually more formal.

I love the idea of a Sip and See because at a traditional baby shower, everyone is honoring the baby that is soon to be arriving. But, how much greater is it to actually celebrate and see the baby!? It’s also a lot easier on the new parents, as people tend to want to “stop by “to see the baby. You can have everyone come at once and make it a celebration?

If you’re contemplating a Sip and See here are a few bits of information to push you towards saying YES!

– Men are much more comfortable attending a Sip and See than a traditional baby shower. So, if you’d like a more family and friends style celebration for your baby, this is definitely the choice to make.

– Sip and See’s are generally an “open house “with set hours for guest to stop by.  This will garner a greater attendance from those who want to celebrate in your joy, but can’t commit to a 3 hour event. Bonus! Plan your Sip and See around your newborns’ sleeping and feeding schedule.

– You may have noticed, I am a huge fan of multi-purposing to save the budget. Typically we have baby shower invitations and then birth announcements. With a Sip and See, you have the invitation and birth announcement, all in one.

Etiquette Tips:

– A more traditional person will tell you that hosting a baby shower for a 2nd child is faux pas. But with the trends of Sip and See’s and Baby Sprinkles, you can celebrate your joy and be within proper etiquette lines.

– The southern tradition of a Sip and See does not call for gifts. Having your registry information on the invitation is seen as a no-no. If you’re a first time parent and could use the gifts, a traditional baby shower is encouraged.

Do you have a question or idea you would like explored about a Sip and See? Leave a comment and I’ll answer them in an upcoming post


6 thoughts on “It’s all the Craze: The Sip and See

  1. I am hosting a “sip and see” for a very dear friend whom I’ve known since birth. Our mothers have been dear friends since college and worked at the same school together, so most of the guests will be our mothers’ friends and teachers that we grew up with. This is my friend’s first child, but she followed Orthodox Jewish tradition and did not have a shower. I would like for everyone to shower the baby with gifts, but she is traveling by plane from Baltimore to Houston. I am a HUGE stickler when it comes to proper etiquette, BUT I am contemplating a gift card tree idea (cringe). Basically, if a guest wants to bring a gift (and they all will) when they come to see the baby, a gift card would be preferred. In this case, would it be okay to mention this on the invitation? If so, how should it be worded? I would NEVER do this in any other case, but the people that will be receiving the invitations are familiar with her Jewish faith as well as my wanting to properly shower her and the baby. I do not believe anyone would judge or be offended by such a faux pas.

    • So glad to hear you are going to do the sip and see. It sounds like a great idea for your friend, who is obviously far away from some friends and family. I love the idea of the gift card money tree, but it might seem a little informal for those who really want to give a thoughtful gift. Does/did your friend have a baby registry? If she did, you can include it on the invitations. If she doesn’t, she could create one for the sip and see. This way gifts will be sent directly to her home (or wherever she prefers), and she won’t have to travel with a bunch of gifts. You could also think of a nice way poem to include on the invitations: Baby Smith is making his first plane flight to see us | We can’t wait to shower him with love, kisses, hugs and gifts | Let’s send the gifts to his home in Baltimore | So that Jack and Jill won’t have to travel with enough boxes to fill a bus. Then you can include where they are registered underneath. Corny, I know, but I hope you get the idea. Have fun planning! Please comment again if you have any more questions.

  2. I would like to host a Sip n See/ Baby Shower for my Daughter who is expecting our first Grandchild in late March. Her Mother in law is hosting a Baby Shower ( Women only) in February. I will not be able to attend as I will be out of State during that time.
    I would like to host a Baby Shower in Mid May, but since it would most likely be after the Baby’s arrival, should I call it a Sip n See / Baby Shower? I would like to include her Gift Registry in this invitation. Is this good etiquette in this case?

    • Hi Sheri!

      I think you should call it a sip and see, but its not the most commonly known term, so I’d ask around to friends and family. If they know what it is, go with it, if not, call it a baby shower. Given you are in another state, I would assume that the guest list would be different from the one the mother in law is hosting, so I would include the gift registry in the invitation. You are the grandmother, you guys can get away with pretty much anything 🙂 Especially for a first grandchild.

  3. I am getting ready to host my second sip and see this June . I have some friends who did bring gifts and they made it awkward unintentional by making guests that followed the invites request feel as if they didn’t do enough or left out. I think everyone knows that feeling of panic because you want to share your love .
    So I am going to make this awkward moment not become a repeated event by including on the invitations”gifts are not necessarily appropriate for this event as it’s about visiting with mom and seeing the baby 🙂 we’ve showered the new parents with more than enough gifts let’s shower them with love. Thanks for understanding and if you missed out on the gifts then Parenting tips and diapers are welcomed. (Something along those lines but shorter and word of mouth)
    This is something I feel everyone can do by writing on a card their advice and or bringing diapers. Then they will be placed in the other room right away so no one feels awkward or pressured. I hope this works and i’m probably going to have it written on the back of the invitations after writing it once on the front. Hope this helps you ,and i’ll post feedback!
    Thanks for the tip about having a window of time for guests to drop in around the baby’s schedule. I’m not a mother so that’s something I didn’t even think about.. best event advice yet!
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  4. That’s a great idea to bring diapers and give advice to the new parents! My friends are also gift givers but it’s starting to become overwhelming with gender reveals, baby shower, couple’s showers, and that’s just after they’ve thrown engaging celebrations, bridal shower, wedding couples shower, bachelortte bash, brides maids dresses, home warming party, and now sip and sees then birthdays! It’s a lot to afford whenever you’re wanting to attend ALL your close friends and family events that are very special moments in life. I know I want them all there whenever I decide to plan a wedding and start a family. I’m definitely going to keep that in mind as my time comes up. Charity is something i’ve decided on as I’ve calculated the amount of money spent in gifts for my special days. The events I need things if my incomes doesn’t allow for me to buy everything, I will just have one shower will friends and one with family. I am into the advice option and diapers of they missed the baby’s shower.
    My meet and greet is for my friend who didn’t plan her pregnancy so the friends and family will meet one another and greet the new addition. With a hired professional nanny to help just the one day. As the Windows of times are not an option so that they have the opportunity to be there at the same time.
    Any icebreaker games or ideas to make the mood light with plenty of socializing outside their normal friends and family members? ??

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