Beyond the Essentials – Inspiration

Balloons are certainly not just for children’s parties anymore. They can add a festive yet still classy style to any event. With the new innovative ways of styling balloons, you have no need to worry about your event looking ” childish ” (unless you want it to).

Here are a few balloon style ideas for your next festive, yet classy event!

Choose your Use: Balloon Photo Backdrop, Perfect idea for a plain wall that needs an element of decor, or for covering up any unwanted parts of a venue. (photo:

Perfect idea to create the guest of honors initials, or any other design you choose. (photo:

Classic example of festive balloons used in the most classy way. The effectiveness of this display is pulled off by: (photo:

– Different height levels
– Contrast of balloons (opaque and translucent)
– Sticking with the color theme

Added wow-factor for a nice in-house gathering or get together.

Classy Style: This is done superbly by hanging balloons upside down, bringing all of the decor focus to the balloons and the use of various balloon shapes and sizes. (photo:

Bonus! And if by chance you are looking for a balloon design for a children’s event….(photo:


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