The Rules of Engagement…Parties

Engagements are usually the start to a ton of celebratory events…weddings, showers, bachelor/ette parties and sometimes…Engagement Parties. Engagement parties aren’t that common, especially in the current economy, where most are choosing to cut back as much as possible.

Engagement parties are a celebration and announcement of your new engagement, and should be thrown as close to the engagement as possible. Typically given by or for couples who have decided to have a destination wedding, that the majority of their family and friends won’t be able to attend, or if they plan on having a long engagement.

Engagement parties are also a great venue for the soon to come union of family and friends. It gives everyone a chance to meet and share in the joy of the pending nuptials.

Engagement Party Etiquette

All guests of the engagement party should be guests of the wedding. This gives you a head start at developing and narrowing down your wedding invite list. If you’re hosting an engagement party for a couple, be sure to coordinate with them for the guest list. Bonus: It’s also helpful to have decided upon your bridal party. You can invite them to the party and surprise them with the ” ask ” or use it as a time for those who don’t know each other to formally meet.

Don’t expect or ask for gifts. An engagement party whether thrown by the couple or hosted by a friend, is simply to share and celebrate the announcement of your engagement. Gifts typically are not given and having a registry on the invitations isn’t expected.

Speaking of gifts, if someone hosts an engagment party for you, be sure to get them a gift.

Engagement parties can be as formal as a wedding to as casual as a backyard get together. It’s totally up to the host and should definitely speak to the personality of the couple.

A few ideas…

Destination: If the couple is planning on having a destination wedding, why not give the guests a sneak peek of what they can expect. Whether it’s the Bahamas or Paris, bring the destination to the party!

” Tying the Knot ”

The Casual Get Together – ” Meet, Greet and Eat! ”

He ” popped ” the question!

” Getting Hitched ”

Do you have a question or idea you would like to see explored? Leave a comment and let me know! It will be featured in a future Beyond the Essentials post.


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