Say Cheese! Photo Booth Fun

Who doesn’t love a photo booth?! It’s a joy for guests and hosts alike.

There are so many creative ideas you can apply to your photo booth. Check them out and see which one makes you want to say Cheese!

Don’t forget the Props

Props are one of the best ideas to implement into your photo booth. For one, they’re fun but they also allow your guests to embrace the theme of your event, the more creative the better. Props are also good for the shy guests in the crowd; you can’t help but do silly things when you have a red nose on your face. (Photo:

Some Prop Ideas:
– Baby Shower: Rattles, Baby Bottles, Bibs, fun things for guest to throw on and use.
– Mustache and Bowtie Parties: Let’s see..Mustaches and Bowties 🙂 You can do quick and easy cutouts of mustaches and bowties and have guests become the proper gentleman in seconds.
– Bridal Shower: Veils, big fake diamond rings or even ring pops. What lady doesn’t want to feel like a bride, even if only for a few clicks?
– White Boards/Chalk Boards. Want to know what you’re guests are really thinking? Grab a white board, some markers and a camera. Lets your guests express themselves. They might surprise you!

Photo Booth vs. Backdrop and Sets

There are so many photo booth vendors available that you can rent from. They’ll bring the classic photo booth in and have someone on hand to help out your guests as they enjoy the fun.  I love the idea of photo booths over backdrops, because guests usually feel more comfortable acting silly when they are behind a curtain instead of onlookers. (Photo:




You can set up a backdrop or set. Backdrops and Sets serve as the inspiration of your guests’ poses and photos. They are also a great way to have the theme or purpose of your event come through for others who might view the pictures later. For corporate events you could have a banner with your company logo or event name used as the backdrop. Or for a Housewarming party you could do a cute house set, such as the one pictured below. (Photo:

With both the backdrop and sets don’t forget to hire or recruit to volunteer, a great photographer. They should be fun, energetic, patient and most importantly great at taking photos. Especially candid shots, those are always the best ones out of the bunch.

We can’t forget the kids…and kids at heart

Let’s face it, children won’t sit still in a photo booth for long, and your set or backdrop could end up torn to pieces by the first click. So give the kids some space. Take a big inside wall or side of the house and creative a colorful and festive backdrop (and throw in a few props) to keep the kids happy and entertained long enough to get some great pics! (Photo:

Have a question or idea about photo booth you’d like explored? Leave a comment and we’ll talk about it on an upcoming post.


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