Beyond the Essentials – Inspiration Thursdays

When planning a wedding or event centered around a guest of honor, we all love to have pictures on showcase. It can be a photo of the guest of honor, the couple or an assortment of photos with either amongst friends. Either way, people love to showcase pictures. And yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture showcased with a meaning is worth a million.

Here are a few creative ways to showcase yours or the guest of honors photo with meaning:

By far my favorite photo idea! Share a collage of photos and hang them in the shape of a birthday age or the guest of honors intials.

A birthday or wedding idea. Combine table numbers with photos of the couple or guest of honor at the corresponding age.

And because programs just don’t tell the story well enough. Don’t let the story of your friendship with the groomsmen and/or bridesmaid go untold. Create a space to introduce the bridal party to the rest of the guests. Photos can be of them alone, but I would suggest a photo that captures the true essence of your friendship.

A great way to use those embarassing baby photos? Use them on the restroom doors. The right picture will surely give your guests a chuckle.

A wedding is one of many milestones in a person’s life that deserves to be celebrated. As you and your groom walk down the aisle, why not take the time to showcase a few other milestones in your life. You can have photos of the bride on the bride’s side and photos of the groom on the groom’s side. You can also show the progression of your relationship with duplicate photos on each side of the aisle. Not only will your guests enjoy seeing your journey through the photos, I’m sure you will too!



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