Entertaining at Home – Easy Ideas that Impress your Guests

When we’re entertaining at home, our guests aren’t always expecting a grand and elaborate event. The reason we entertain at home is because we want to make our guests feel welcomed, we don’t want them to feel like one of many. So don’t stress yourself trying to impress your guests. There are a lot of easy and simple ways to impress your guests while entertaining at home. This post will focus on a simple idea, that will definitely impress your guests this summer.

Ice. And I’m not talking about Ice Sculptures.

Here are a few ways to seriously impress your guests and deliciously cool them down at your next summer get together:

Coffee Ice
Having a summer brunch? Instead of regular hot coffee, cool everyone down with iced coffee. Give your guests that extra jolt with coffee ice cubes. Simply freeze cooled down coffee in an ice tray and serve.

Want to go the extra mile? Serve your iced coffee with flavored creams and sugars! (Photo: kitchentreaty.com)

Vanilla Ice
This ice recipe is great for children and adults, vanilla ice. Vanilla ice will go great with Coca Cola or Pepsi, you can even serve it with the iced coffee. (Photo and Recipe: ohmyveggies.com)

Fruit Ice
To impress on looks and taste, simply drop a few pieces of small fruit or mint into the ice trays and serve. This ice can go well with pretty much any beverage you’re serving, soda, lemonade, iced tea. (Photo and Recipe: culinarytribune.com)

Lemonade Ice
Speaking of iced tea, who doesn’t love a good Arnold Palmer? Drop a few cubes of lemonade ice in a cold glass of iced tea and its a simple and easy twist on the classic drink. (Photo and Recipe: blogs.babble.com)

Don’t let the summer heat melt your summer get together plans. Cool down your guests with these cool ice ideas!  


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