The Pros and Cons…Invitation Edition

One of the most exciting things to receive as a guest is an invitation to an event! Whether it’s in your mailbox or inbox, we all love to be invited to celebrate, pretty much anything. As a planner though, it takes careful consideration to decide if your guests will be ripping open a great invitation or clicking on a great invitation.

Today’s post is about the Pros and Cons of Paper Invitations vs. Electronic Invitations:

30th Birthday Invitations provided by AHappySlappyGreeting.

Paper Invitations

The Pros
Classic and Traditional. Many people find handcrafted, postal mail invitations to be a lost art and most guests would truly appreciate the effort put into paper invitations.
Formal, regardless of how Fun. Your guests will seriously take into consideration their RSVP to your event with a paper invitation. Most people will double-check their schedules and be sure they are sending a confirming response before they email, call or send in their reply card.
Totally Customizable. There are so many designers out there that can create an invitation uniquely for you. If you want a stand out invitation for your stand out invite, paper invitations are the way to go. The above photo of invitations provided by AHappySlappyGreeting, a greeting card company that can work with you to create customized invitations to start your guests experience.
Souvenir. Especially for weddings, baby showers and bridal showers, you and your guests can keep the invitations as a memory of the wonderful occasion to be celebrated.

The Cons

– Expensive. Great invites come at a cost. There’s design and printing costs to consider along with postage and possible reply card postage as well. The good thing is, they have some great preprinted invitations that you can find at your local and chain craft stores.
– One time Communication. When sending out paper invites it’s very time-consuming and expensive to send out any later updates. So, when sending paper invites, make sure all of the information is correct and nothing has a high probability of changing.
– Dealing with Snail Mail. When sending paper invites, remember what you’re dealing with. Invitations can get lost in the mail or arrive later than expected. Make sure you plan your mailing date with the appropriate leeway and make sure you stick with it.
– Time-Consuming. Before sending out your invitations, you’ll have to collect all of the correct mailing addresses, and if any invitations get returned for undeliverable addresses, you’ll have to do some research to obtain the correct information. There’s also the addressing, posting and sealing to do, so gather an assembly crew to get some help.

Electronic Invitations

The Pros

– Easy Access. If at any time your guest wants to pull up the information and details about your event, its right at their fingertips.
– Budget Friendly. There are so many electronic invitation services available online that I am sure you can find one to fit your budget whether it’s $0 or $500.
– Did you forget someone? Are you now going to start inviting people off the B-List? Electronic invitations make it much easier to add on to your guest list with a few simple clicks.
– Total Event Management. Many of the electronic invitation services available take it at least one step further, allowing you to quickly send out updates, print out guest lists and keep track of your RSVPs.

The Cons

– Casual Tone. Electronic Invitations come with a casual tone, which often causes people to not take it too seriously. Your guests will tend to ignore RSVP dates or just RSVP with a quick and easy click, and then not show.
– Over Themed? In most cases, I am a total fan of over themed events. The more detailed the better. But sometimes, electronic invitations can take a theme too far, and you don’t have any way of customizing it through your electronic invitation service of choice.
– Not everyone is tech-savvy. Yes, there are people in the world who don’t check their email every day. You risk having someone miss an invitation because they haven’t check their email or because it simply went into their Spam box :(.

What’s my choice, you ask?

I’m a traditional gal at heart and a professional event planner 9-5, so I believe in the charm of a classic paper invitation.

With paper invites you’ll have to be organized, creative and timely. If you want to set a formal and classic tone to your event, paper invitations are the best choice. On the other hand, Electronic invitations give you much more wiggle room to send out invites at a late date, change time, venue and even the date. But that comes with the risk of your event not being taken seriously from your guests, which leaves you with more hassle in the end.

Whether it’s in an envelope or through the click of the mouse, remember your invitation is the first introduction to your event, make it a good one!


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