Leaving a Lasting Impression

When planning an event, our goal is always for our guests to have a terrific experience. From the moment they receive an invitation, down to the last cupcake being eaten. But what about those few moments at the door, when everyone is mentioning how great of a time they had? Don’t miss this last opportunity to give your guests a great send off and a great lasting impression.

Here are a few ways to leave your guests with a great last impression from your event:

Hangover Gift Bags

Hangover Gift Bags are perfect for a wedding, bachelor/ette party or birthday party. Put together a to-go package with some must have hangover items: (Photo: theknot.com)

– Advil/Tylenol
– Bottle of Gatorade or Powerade
– Bottle of Water
– Eye Mask for the ladies
– Gift Card to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or Wawa

Photo Link

Instead of having your guests check Facebook the next day (and risk being tagged in some unflattering photos), upload all of your photos to an online album and encourage them to do the same. Everyone will be able to view the photos and pick which ones they would like to keep for their own personal albums. You can make a small card with the link printed on it, or you can shoot all of your guests an email or text with the link right after your event. (Photo: weddingbee.com)

Hot Beverage Bar (for the cooler months)

It can be hot cocoa, coffee or tea, set up a hot beverage station for your guests to enjoy on their way out. Make it nice and simple, remember they’re on their way out. Bonus: Make sure you provide to-go cups with the lids.

A few simple extras to have at the station:

Hot Cocoa: cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, whipped cream and peppermints
Coffee: flavored sugars, creams and syrups
Tea: flavored sugars, lemons and cream

To Go Beverage (for the warmer months)

Did you make a great lemonade or iced tea for your outdoor gathering? Instead of having your guests just raving about it on their way out, give them a to-go cup, complete with straws to enjoy on their ride home.

What’s the best lasting impression you’ve had from an event? Leave a comment and let me know!


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