If you’re going to do…Questions for Guests

A new trend for weddings and a new twist on your traditional shower and party games are questions for guests. If you aren’t familiar with the questions for guests, it’s when you provide quests the opportunity to answer a variety of questions about the guest(s) of honor. They are a great way to have fun with your guests and come away with some great laughs and terrific advice. (Photo: lovestruck.com)

If you’re going to do table activities…

Make sure it’s the right crowd. The questions for guests are perfect for fun and celebratory events such as a baby shower or birthday party. They might not be so well suited for an elegant bridal tea or wild bachelor/ette party. Guests might find it to be ” silly ” or not worth their time.  Know your event and your guests to bring out the questions at the right time.

Don’t make it part of the agenda. Guests tend to enjoy this activity because they can complete them on their own time and answer whichever questions they’d like. Limiting the time allotted to answer the questions, will make your guests feel forced and cramp their creativity. Just have them on the table, encourage guests to have fun with their answers and collect them at the end of the event.

Have a variety of questions. At any event, guests are going to have different relationships with the host or guest(s) of honor. At a typical wedding you could have coworkers and distant relatives mixed in with close friends and family. One of the best parts of this activity will be seeing the different answers guests come up with. You just have to make sure there are questions everyone can answer, such as:

Wedding Questions

What’s your number one piece of marriage advice?
What should the couple name their first child?
What’s the most romantic place the couple should visit?
When did you know the couple was meant to be together?
Where do you see the couple in 25 years?
What should the couple continue to do for a successful marriage?

Baby Shower Questions

What’s your number one piece of parenting advice?
Help the couple decide how many children to have. I am the [ Insert Birth Order ] and the best thing about it is…
One thing I learned from {Insert Guest of Honor Name} that I hope they teach their child is…
What personality trait of {Insert Guest of Honor Name}, do you hope their child inherits?

Bridal/Couple Shower Questions                             

Bonus: This is the perfect time to get your soon to be wedding guests thoughts on some ideas you may have been considering.

If the couple was to perform a choreographed first dance, what song should they dance to?
What should the couple do for “ date nights “?
What’s the number one rule to being a great wife/husband?
{Insert Guest of Honor Name} will make the perfect wife/husband because…

Milestone Birthday Questions

21st What lesson can you save me from learning in my 20’s?
30th What’s one experience {Insert Guest of Honor Name} must have in his/her “ 30’s “?
40th Now that {Insert Guest of Honor Name} is “ over the hill “, what view must he/she see?
50th With 50 years under his/her belt, tell him/her something he/she doesn’t know.

Decide how you want to present it. Since you’re already sold on the idea of the questions, let’s decide how to present it.

1. Have it as part of your place cards. Make your place card’s big enough for your guests to write their answers on, and include a pen at each place setting.
2. Use it as a guest book alternative. Set up a station with the variety of questions, each on their own individual note cards. Include a section for guests to add their names and addresses and make sure you have a plethora of pens.
3. Use it as a group table activity. Each table would get a question and a stack of note cards and everyone at the table can answer the same question. This would be a great social activity for guests to share or deliberate over their answers together. (Photo: stylemepretty.com)
4. Use it as a fun activity for anyone who wants to participate. Set up a similar station as you would for a guest book, but no need to include name and address placements.

Have you tried this at your event? What’s the most memorable answer you received? Leave a comment and let me know!


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