Entertaining at Home…What to Invest In

So you want to start entertaining at home? Trust me, it’s not as time consuming or complicated as one might expect. One of the first steps to entertaining at home and giving your guests a great experience is making sure you have all the right supplies. Here are a few key items to invest in to make entertaining easier on you.

1. Serving Platters and Bowls. Let’s face it, when we’re rushing to welcome guests, the kitchen is the last place we try to keep clean. What’s the key to keeping your guests out of our messy kitchen and in the living area enjoying themselves?  The key is serving all of your delicious dishes all at once on serving platters. Yes, I know it adds to the dishes to be cleaned at the end of the night, but your guests will appreciate the effort.

Another great thing about investing in serving plates and dishes is that you don’t have to have a color theme or keep with a prominent theme in your home. Don’t get hung up on having to have matching serving ware, you can certainly get away with an eclectic variety. (Photo: Crateandbarrel.com)

2. Cocktail Glasses. Start with the essential wine glasses and then add martini and margarita glasses to your collection. For the obvious reasons, cocktail glasses allow you to serve your guests cocktails in their appropriate glasses. Cocktails glasses aren’t just used for drinks though, you can use them to serve a variety of dishes and desserts. (Photo:thebakingbeauties.com)

3. Serving Utensils. Make life easier for you and your guests by having the appropriate utensils for each dish being served. Key items to look out for: a large slotted spoon, large fork, large spoon, and tongs. Having the appropriate utensils along with their corresponding dish, eliminates you running to and from the kitchen, trying to find a fork or spoon for serving.

4. Pitchers and/or Beverage Containers. When you entertain at home, it should be entertaining for you and your guests. The best way to enjoy yourself as a host is to limit the amount of work you have to do. Such as telling people what you have to offer them to drink or getting up to show them where they can find the lemonade in the refrigerator. Pitchers and beverage containers allow you to keep all of your beverage offerings out and available. With a few creative ice ideas, you don’t have to worry about keeping them cold either. (Photo: marthastewartweddings.com)

You don’t have to rush out and purchase all of these at once, just pass through the home goods section the next time you’re out shopping and see what you find!


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