Entertaining at Home…Preparing for Attending Kids

It’ll happen at least once, you have your adult get-together planned out. Wine glasses, cocktail menu and your best plate set all ready to go. A few days before, you get a call from your best friend asking if it’s okay for her to bring her daughter. Oh No, You weren’t really planning on entertaining children. Don’t panic, just take action with the below tips and you will still have the great get-together just as you planned!

Have kid friendly foods and drinks. Even if there is only one child attending your event, a good host(ess) always has accommodating food and drink for the little ones present. It can be as simple as chicken fingers and tater tots with some apple juice.

Bonus: Make sure you have plastic/paper utensils for the children, to avoid any accidents.

Have the appropriate space for “ baby tending “. Depending on the age of the child, it’s important to have some space in a private area for any baby tending that may need to be done. It can be your bedroom or a spare bedroom, but it should be clean and have a comfortable flat space for any diaper changes, or naps.

Prepare activities. Most parents will bring toys for their child to play with, but in case they don’t purchase some for them. If you’re expecting a group of kids you can gather some coloring books and crayons or an friendly board game. If you’re a host who doesn’t have kids, it would be worth it to just invest in a few small child friendly toys for when the babysitter cancels on your guest at the last-minute.

Relax. We all know with children comes surprises and accidents. If you’re worried about any breakable items, store them away and relax. If some of your guests have to leave early due to children bed times, it’s okay, relax. Enjoy the entertainment that children always bring to a party.

Do you have any tips for entertaining with children? Leave a comment and share.


One thought on “Entertaining at Home…Preparing for Attending Kids

  1. When buying toys for kids, keep age in mind. As a general guide, avoid toys with small parts that can be swallowed. Board books are good for all ages!!

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