If you’re going to do…Food on a Stick Edition

Everyone loves the idea of Food on a Stick! It’s new, its creative and it’s fun. But, I must tell you, everything does not belong on a stick. The purpose of putting food items on a stick, is to make it easier for your guests to enjoy while experiencing your event. The challenge though, is that not everything is easier to enjoy on a stick.

Here are a few simple Do’s and Don’ts to identify when you should have food on a stick:

Do have one bite food on a stick. Cake pops and smore’s on a stick, great ideas to enjoy a one bite snack on a stick. Food on a stick should be simple, make sure that is your guiding principle when serving with sticks.

Do have food than can be eaten on the stick without a mess. Remember when you got down to the last part of a popsicle and it was never strong enough to stay on the stick? We don’t want our friends and guests to experience that sudden fear that the final piece of their treat is going to fall. Make sure the foods will remain on the stick until it’s done. Watermelon for example, having it on a stick makes it much easier and less messier to eat. More importantly, the rind allows everything to stay in tact until it’s done.

Do have foods that are typically sticky. Food on a stick service is a great idea for foods that are typically sticky, such as cinnamon buns. It allows the guest to enjoy the treat, without having to deal with sticky hands for the rest of the evening.





Don’t add other servingware. Take this picture for an example: It looks like a terrific idea, until you take the first bite. Leaving the chicken too high up to reach the sauce. It’s the Oreo won’t reach the milk dilemma. Instead, coat the chicken strips in the sauce, just enough that it isn’t dripping and serve it on a stick. It will be way less challenging for your guests to eat.

Don’t combine foods that would normally be served on a plate. If you’re thinking about how you can combine steak, potatoes and carrots on a stick, please stop! If you’re going to serve your guests a delectable meal such as steak and potatoes, serve it the way it deserves, on a plate. Food on a stick is not meant to replace a plate. Your guests will have to pick each part off, and won’t be able to savor the meal, as you expected them to.


Don’t serve foods that are saucy. Food served on a stick, was created to keep everything on the stick. Serving items have sauces and syrups that accompany them aren’t the easiest thing to eat on a stick. Serving food items with sauces and syrups usually require plates or bowls, which takes away the point of serving on a stick. Make sure everything can stay on the stick.

What’s the best food you’ve been served, or served on a stick? Leave a comment and let me know!


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