It’s all the Craze…Apple Cider Bar Edition

It’s official. Fall is here. It’s time to trade in our cravings for iced tea and iced coffee for apple cider and pumpkin spice coffee. It’s time to consider having an Apple Cider bar at your next event and here are some ideas to make it great.

Get creative with the cups. I’ve mentioned before, the idea of multi-purposing, and using hollowed out actual apples as tasty and useful cups. You can also consider getting personalized mugs made for guests to use as cups and favors.

Pick great toppings: The best part of any bar or station is the toppings! Guests love to get creative and create their own delicious masterpiece. Lay out cinnamon, caramel, apple slices, vanilla ice cream, brown sugar, oranges or orange peels, flavored syrup or even champagne.

Let them decide the temperature. It’s a good idea to have both a warm and cold apple cider option. With ” bars ” it’s all about letting the guests decide what they want.

Keep the theme going. What do people love more than apple cider? Apple desserts! Fill the bar up with apple cider donuts, apple cider breads and apple pie.

Enjoy your apple cider bar at your next fall gathering!


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