Let’s Plan Together – A Cookie Exchange Party

For the past two years I have hosted a Cookie Exchange Party at my home for the holiday season. I lovingly call it, ” the cookie party “. While I typically do my share of home entertaining throughout the year, the Cookie Party holds a special place in my heart. It’s my time to open my home to friends, who for me are like family, and have a great time with food, drinks and of course cookies!

I first saw the idea on HGTV and was totally in love with it. I put the first one together in a few short weeks. It was so well received that I had it a second time, and now I look forward to it and begin planning months in advance.

I must say that hosting and planning a cookie exchange party is quite fun and easy. It’s a build in theme, cookies, a nice theme that sparks so many ideas. I always host mine during the holiday season, which adds to the richness of the theme. The challenge for me, and most home entertainers is finding a creative way to wow your guests once again. But that’s the fun part! I love to brainstorm exciting ideas that will impress my friends.

So join me as we walk through my planning of The Cookie Party.

First Stop: Invitations

Your guests first impression of your event is through their invitations. I’ve written about the pros and cons of paper invites vs. electronic invites here and my preferred invite method is definitely paper invitations. The tone of your event is set the moment they open the envelope. Imagine the excitement you feel when you see a card shaped envelope in the mail, that’s the excitement your guests deserve.

When I started thinking about my invitations for this years cookie party, I went to my one and only stop for invitations and greeting cards, AHappySlappyGreeting! The owner and creator of AHappySlappyGreeting, Aleea Slappy (also an attendee of the previous cookie parties) explored a few options with me. I initially wanted to do a rolling pin invitation, but that didn’t scream cookie enough for us. Again, I wanted to set the tone from the beginning. Somewhere during the brainstorming, came the most obvious decision, the invitation would be a cookie! Yes! Perfect. Aleea created a few samples, and the end product came out just as perfect as I imagined. These pictures do them no justice, they were perfect. I could not wait to deliver and mail out these invitations right away!!!

Next Stop: The Menu


3 thoughts on “Let’s Plan Together – A Cookie Exchange Party

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