Let’s Plan Together… A Cookie Exchange Party

This weekend was the big day! The 3rd annual Cookie Party!

Beyond the Essentials Blog - A Cookie Exchange Party

The table was already getting full and everyone wasn’t even there yet! I had a few presentation platters available for those who didn’t have one and I made beautiful place cards using striped red and white card stock (which reminded me of candy canes) for everyone to write their cookie name and description.

I added to the fun of the photo taking with a few props. I made a santa hat, santa beard and Rudolph red nose (not shown). These were a hit!

Beyond the Essentials Blog - A Cookie Exchange Party

The dips were also a great hit!!! I would definitely suggest having a Dip Bar at your next party or get together. The bar included Chorizo and Cheese, Bacon and Onion, BBQ Chicken and Red Pepper Dip. The BBQ Chicken and Chorizo and Cheese seemed to be the winners of the evening.

It was such and amazing time planning this year’s cookie party. Definitely consider hosting a small scaled one this season or a full planned one for next year! It’s become a tradition for my friends, so I hope it’s a tradition you can bring into your circle.

On a personal note, this week was a big week in more ways than one, my now fiance and I got engaged! I am so happy and feel truly thankful to have him in my life, for now, a lifetime!  While it won’t be in the very immediate future, please be on the lookout for great wedding planning posts.


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