If you’re going to do…Hosting a Co-ed Event Edition

Beyond the Essentials Blog - Hosting a Coed Shower

Bun in the Oven Baby Party
This theme creates the menu for you! Sandwiches and Burgers in Buns!

More and more you’re finding co-ed baby showers and wedding showers being hosted for expecting and engaged couples. Typically, baby showers and bridal showers are geared towards women guests of honor but every now and then you come across the couple that wants to celebrate together, which a great thing! Beginning parenthood or a marriage together with friends is certainly a great way to share your life milestone.

Whether your hosting a co-ed event for yourself or for friends here are a few tips on making sure everyone has a good time.

If you’re going to host a co-ed event…

– Choose a fun and gender neutral theme (or no theme at all).

Let’s start with removing the idea of this event being a “ shower “. Men will respond better to attending a “ party “or joining in on a “ celebration “ than a shower. And please stay away from pink!

BBQ Theme: For both baby and wedding parties (Photo: etsy.com)

Beyond the Essentials Blog - Co-ed Wedding Showers BBQ Theme

Beyond the Essentials Blog - Hosting a Coed Shower


– Even out the guest list.

One key part, if not the most important part of having a co-ed event is that it has to have a fair amount of both men and women.

– Recruit a partner in crime.

The best way to get men to the party is to have a man involved in the planning. If you’re hosting a baby shower recruit a close male friend to the couple, if it’s a wedding shower, get one of the groomsmen on board. Keep an open mind to ideas and your male co-host can prevent you from planning an overly feminine event and may just bring some fun ideas to the table. Your partner in crime will serve as the male voice of the party; allow him to get the men there, in his way.

– Ignite competition.

Who doesn’t love some good hearted competition? If you choose to do party games, you will definitely keep everyone engaged by having a few men vs. women games. You’ll want to stay away from any creative games that involve arts and crafts. Most men aren’t that crafty and tend not to enjoy those types of games. Stick with very action packed, funny and short games.

– Plan a party menu, not a shower menu.

Throw out all those ideas you had of a salad bar and cute mini cupcakes. When men are involved your party menu has to be hearty. Think simple and delicious like a barbecue menu, nacho and taco bar, hoagie display (or build your own) or even as simple as a variety of common appetizers (mini quiche, wings, chicken tenders). If you think the menu is too simple or lacks the flare you’re looking for, remember you can always have remarkable food presentation. Women will be in awe of the presentation, the men will enjoy the food, it’s a win –win.

Don’t forget to include male friendly beverages as well. If there is alcohol on beverage menu you have to be sure to pick up beer for the men. If you’re doing a dry event just make sure to have soda included.

Personally, I believe co-ed showers parties are a great idea. Not only does it save money and allow the couple to share in their joy together, it gives all the single friends an opportunity to meet some new people!

Have you been to or hosted a co-ed event? What tips can you add to make sure everyone has a good time? Leave a comment and share.


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