Introducing Wedding Wednesdays…Welcome Bags Edition



I started Beyond the Essentials Event Consulting Blog with the purpose to provide event ideas, information and tips for all events. Birthdays, Baby Showers, Housewarmings, Holiday Parties and last on the list was Weddings. Everyone wants and deserves a celebration and my goal is to provide everything the celebration planner needs. And this includes more than just the wedding planners.

I have every intention to keep this blog focused on every event and celebration, not just weddings. However, there is no denying that I am engaged! Wedding planning will play a large part of my life for the next 18 months and it only seems fitting to share my ideas and plans on my blog.

I’ve decided that in addition to Inspiration Thursdays, I will now be presenting Wedding Wednesdays!

For the first edition of Wedding Wednesdays, we’re talking about Welcome Bags!

Typically Welcome Bags are presented as a surprise gift to out-of-town guests (or those who simply want to stay over at the booked hotel). You can coordinate with your hotel to have the bags given to your guests at check in, or if you have a small boutique hotel, you may be able to have the bags already waiting for your guests in their rooms.

Welcome Bags can be either themed, practical or a combination of both. We will be getting married in Philadelphia and not being a native Philadelphian, all of my family will be coming from out-of-state. Welcome Bags will be our way of showing them the Philadelphia I have grown to love for the last 13 years of my life and the Philadelphia he grew up in.

Items I’m looking to include are:

Official Tourist Publications and Maps

You can pick these up at your local tourism organization and they are normally a free publication. They are the perfect way to provide your guests with information about the city and encourage them to do some sightseeing while they are in town.

Beyond the Essentials Events Blog - Wedding Wednesdays

Make this personal by including a list of your favorite places and must-sees for the city or tag (with a sticky preferably in your wedding color) the magazine with the places you suggest they visit.If you need help just visit your city’s official tourism website, they should have tons of ideas for you. (photo:

Native Food

Almost every major city has something they are known for that everyone must try when they visit! For Philadelphia/PA that would be:

Peanut Chews, Soft Philly Pretzels, Yuengling Beer (although this would most likely not be included in ours) Wawa beverage products, Herrs Potato Chips and Hershey, PA.

Unfortunately, you can’t keep a cheesesteak or water ice sitting in a welcome bag for very long.


Yes, you will most likely be giving away favors, but why not give your guests something to remind them of their visit to the city and not just to your wedding. It can be a postcard, keychain, pen/pencil, magnet or other souvenir that represents the city.

Philadelphia has quite a few tourist recognized places and things to include on a souvenir such as: the LOVE statue, Sports Teams (Eagles, Sixers, Phillies), the Liberty Bell and much more.

Practical Items

This definitely doesn’t have to be specific to your wedding city. Your guests might appreciate a bottle of water or Gatorade/ Powerade and a packet of aspirin. Anything you believe will make their first moments in the hotel better.

You can add in anything else that speaks to you two as a couple or will get your guests excited for your wedding. My favorite ” extra ” item is Do Not Disturb signs personalized for your wedding. I think these are so fun! (Photo:

Beyond the Essentials Events Blog - Wedding Wednesdays

What are your Welcome Bag must have ideas? Leave a comment and share! 


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