Wedding Wednesdays – Wedding Favor Alternatives

There are two main opinions on wedding favors. Some people find them to be essential, others find them pointless. My opinion lies somewhere in between the two. They are a traditional wedding must have, but they become pointless when they are just Jordan Almonds in a tulle sack.

I began to brainstorm great favors that weren’t your traditional take away souvenirs. Normally, a requirement of my brainstorming would be: must be budget friendly, but this time it is not. These are the top three ideas I thought of:

A Show! 

wedding fireworks

Whether it’s fireworks or a very popular local band performing during your reception. The memory of ” wow ” will be the long lasting and by far greater favor you could give to your guests.

Photo Booth Fun! 

Beyond the Essentials Event  Blog - Wedding Wednesdays Favor Alternatives

I’ve expressed my love for photo booths before, so let me reiterate my love for photo booths! Not only are they a great time and fun experience for everyone you can make them your favor too! Many photo booth vendors provide you with the option to customize your photo strip with your own text such as ” Sarah and James Wedding February 16, 2013 “. Add in a nice photo holder or frame and you have the perfect wedding favor. A picture is worth a thousand words, think of all of the words people will say as they leave your reception. (Photo:

Food Truck Fare 

Food Truck Wedding

Living in Philadelphia, I have grown very fond of food trucks. They often have better food and dessert than you would find in your local restaurants  Imagine your guests surprise when they find out after a wonderful evening of fun and dancing, they can score a really great cheesesteak or macaroon! You can hire your favorite food truck, or a food truck that is known for their native fare and allow your guests to enjoy one last delicious snack before heading out. (Photo:

If these three ideas don’t get your imagination going, you can always explore the options of donating money to a charity in the guests names or a candy buffet.

Either way, wedding favors are certainly essential, but if you think they’re pointless, just think outside of the Jordan Almond tulle sack.

Do you have any out of the box favor ideas? Leave a comment and share! 


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