Let Them Not Eat Cake

We can’t deny that wedding cake is a long standing tradition that isn’t going anywhere. Don’t get me wrong everyone loves a great piece of cake. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t alter the tradition a little bit. Some couples choose to follow tradition with the wedding cake but also offer guests other treat options. Some couples opt for fake cakes with one real layer to cut for symbolic measure.

If you’re willing to alter tradition just a little bit, here are a few ideas:

Marble Slab Ice Cream Station

Beyond the Essentials Event Blog - Alternatives to Wedding Cake

In our wedding venue search, we considered a venue that offered Marble Slab Ice Cream. Such a cool idea! Anything that allows guests to customize and create their own treat, I’m a fan of. Choose a few delicious ice cream flavors, some cool toppings and create your personalized wedding dessert.

Cookies, Pie, Brownies, Oh My! – Dessert Bar

Beyond the Essentials Event Blog - Alternatives to Wedding Cake

I once attended a wedding that had a rolling cart of desserts stroll through the reception. It was filled cakes, pies, tarts, tons of dessert varieties for us to enjoy. I’ve loved the idea ever since! While cake is delicious, your cake flavor isn’t sure to please everyone, so why not let them decide what they want?


Beyond the Essentials Event Blog - Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Not really a cake person? Like pie better? Well, it’s your party, and you can have pie if you want to! A great common theme of weddings these days is ” do what you want “. So, if you’re more of a pie person, serve pie as a dessert instead of cake. The key is to have a wide variety to suit everyone’s likes and dislikes and choose pies that can be served at room temperature if you plan to have them on display.

Old Fashion Milkshakes

Beyond the Essentials Event Blog - Alternatives to Wedding Cake

C’mon, who doesn’t love a delicious milkshake? Instead of sitting down to a piece of cake, treat you and your guests to a nostalgic dessert. Serve them in classic milkshake glasses with fun straws and don’t forget the whipped cream and cherry on top!

Bonus: If you’re having an adult reception, don’t be afraid to make them adult milkshakes. With so many flavored liquors out now, the flavor possibilities are endless! 

The ideas don’t stop there, don’t forget the candy buffet, cookie, donuts, macaroons and more.

What’s your ” other ” favorite dessert? Leave a comment and share! 


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