The Coming and Going of Trends: Birthday Cake Flavor

efdecca019f45eef53acff0f9d3b4e07While we wait for the next new ” cupcake ” trend to take lead, there’s another trend doing a switch. Apparently, people are over the bacon craze and it’s time to get celebratory with birthday cake flavors! Who can blame them, everyone loves to celebrate a birthday and besides gifts, birthday cake is the best part of the celebration!

I am a fan of bacon, but not I never got too far into the trend. Now, birthday cake is something I can definitely get behind, with a spoon or fork preferably. So, in honor of my new birthday year I bring to you my favorite birthday cake flavored items! I hope these are enough to get your mouth watering, excitement going and ready to jump on the birthday cake bandwagon. 

Birthday Cake Martini

Recipe available at: craftyblondegirl

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel 

Smells delicious and will certainly get anyone in the birthday mood!

Available at Sephora

Birthday Cake Batter Rice Krispies

Recipe available at Sweetannas

Birthday Cake Coffee

Possibly the best way to wake up on your birthday!

Available at Coffee Beanery 

and lastly…

Old Fashioned Birthday Cake 

Nothing beats the original!

Recipe available at The Cilantropist


One thought on “The Coming and Going of Trends: Birthday Cake Flavor

  1. I like the variation in Birthday cakes….Martini my favorite. I’ll have to remember to ask for that next, will also help in forgetting one year older .

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