Hosting a Bridal Shower

Beyond the Essentials Event Blog - Hosting a Bridal ShowerOf all the wedding celebrations, the bridal shower is the one you can get the most creative with. There are lingerie showers, Tupperware showers, honeymoon showers, Jack and Jill/Co-ed showers, brunch showers, slumber parties and of course the most popular, old fashioned, ladies only bridal shower.

1.  Check in with the Bride

Whether it’s a surprise or planned, you should do a check in with the bride to see if she has any strong wants or dislikes. You could have your plan all set for a lingerie party, but the bride has her heart set on a ladies brunch. Before you get too far with your planning, make sure you have a general idea of what the bride would be excited to see. A creativ way to achieve this is by asking impactful questions. One question that can give you a good idea of what the bride cares about is: “If I had an extra $200 to spend on your shower, what element would you like to see it go to? “. This allows you to find out what the bride is really looking for to. It could be an upgraded venue, food and drink, decorations or favors for the guest. You don’t have to invest actual money into that particular element, but it you can invest your effort, knowing the bride will appreciate it.

2. Garner Support

Parents, in laws, bridal party, close friends and even the groom. All of these people can serve as support as you plan the bridal shower. It is probably too large of an undertaking for you to plan a bridal shower alone, even if it is on the smaller end. It’s also important to remember that the bride has special relationships with most of these people, so they can bring information about the brides’ wishes, likes and dislikes that you may not know about or think of during the planning process. While there is such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen, as long as everyone has a designated responsibility, all should go well.

3. Get the List

Although it is not number one, this is one of the most important suggestions. Be sure to ask the bride for a list of people she would like to see at the bridal shower. She knows who gets along with whom, who is invited to the wedding and who is not. It would help to ask for an A list and B list, this way you know who are must be there’s and who it would be nice to see there. You can use these lists to help you fit within your possible budget and space constraints.

Etiquette says: Guests that aren’t invited to the wedding, shouldn’t be invited to the bridal shower. However, weddings are becoming more intimate, so forgiveness is being given to those who invite guests to the shower that aren’t invited to the wedding.

4. Have Fun 

With so many bridal shower themes, the ideas are endless. But, the number one must have is games! It can be How well do you know the bride?, the toilet paper dress, the purse games and so many more ideas. Just make sure to have games and activities for everyone, include the bride to enjoy. It’ll make you more at ease and allow you to have fun as well!


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