Role Reversal…How to be a Good Guest

Every event needs a good host and a good guest. The two work hand in hand for everyone to have a great time. For a change of pace, today’s post offers the essential tips on how to be a great guest.

– Don’t come empty-handed. It is proper etiquette to bring a host(ess) gift when coming to someone’s house for the first time. Following an initial visit, it’s nice to bring a bottle of wine or small gift for special occasions. Flowers, specialty bathroom soaps, wine and small gift baskets are great options for host(ess) gifts. Looking for host(ess) gift ideas? Check out my Pinterest Board.

– Arrive on time or according to the hosts style. In most cases arriving within 15 minutes of the start time is the polite move. But some friends run a little late. If you know the host tends to run late, arrive according to their typical style. Arriving early (read: on time) may be an annoyance or disturbance for them.

– RSVP On Time. Your host has a lot of planning and work to do, don’t add guessing to their list. Remember to RSVP by the requested date and let the host know if you will be attending  and how many people will be attending with you, including children (if it’s been stated you can bring guests with you). If you have any stipulations, such as a prior engagement before their event, let them know so they can understand if your plans change. If there isn’t an RSVP date, RSVP as soon as possible.

– Don’t overstay your welcome. When the party starts to die down, the host is putting away food and the end time is approaching, a good guest will pick up on the clues and say their thank you’s and goodbyes.

– Be Yourself. Everybody brings something to the party, and it’s not from the store, it’s from you! You were invited to the party because the host wanted you to share in the fun and the company. So be yourself and enjoy yourself!

Great Host + Great Guest = Great Event.