Designing Your Event Around A Unique and Bold Color: Tiffany Blue

Every woman smiles at the sight of Tiffany Blue. I am sure any woman would get excited to attend or even plan a Tiffany Blue themed event. But let me tell you, it sure is a hard color to find, and even harder to match.

Tiffany Blue is just one of a few unique colors that are hard to match exactly. Sometimes you fall in love with a color, whether its from a paint swatch, bottle of nail polish or Pinterest that you just have to use! Maybe it’s that perfect shade of emerald green, or that mix between pink and raspberry that you can’t just seem to find all your decor items to match.

Don’t let that burst your bubble. You can still have the perfect color themed event, without the stress of hunting for the exact color. 

Here are a few ways to put together the perfect event with that perfectly unique color, whatever it may be.

Invest in Key Pieces 

Tiffany Blue Cake

When you decide to design your event around a unique and specific color such as Tiffany Blue, you don’t need to go overboard. Before you Google Renting Tiffany Blue linens, take a step back and think about different ways to bring the color in. Instead of Tiffany Blue linens, make the impact with white or black linens and pop it Tiffany Blue napkins, chair covers or chair sashes.

The key is to not overwhelm your guests with the color theme. You don’t have to purchase everything you can find in the color. Be selective and pick out the pieces that will bring the most impact. Impactful pieces include the cake, favor packaging, flowers, signature cocktails and additional decor. (Photo: Continue reading


Inspiration Thursdays – Wine Theme Edition

Beyond the Essentials Event Blog Wine Themed Event Inspiration

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a wine themed event that I think would be perfect for a girl’s night in, birthday party or a romantic dinner party for couples. For this Inspiration Thursday post, I’ve decided to share a few of my ideas.

I hope to fully implement these ideas into a great event, but until then…be inspired!



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Let’s Plan Together – A Cookie Exchange Party

For the past two years I have hosted a Cookie Exchange Party at my home for the holiday season. I lovingly call it, ” the cookie party “. While I typically do my share of home entertaining throughout the year, the Cookie Party holds a special place in my heart. It’s my time to open my home to friends, who for me are like family, and have a great time with food, drinks and of course cookies!

I first saw the idea on HGTV and was totally in love with it. I put the first one together in a few short weeks. It was so well received that I had it a second time, and now I look forward to it and begin planning months in advance.

I must say that hosting and planning a cookie exchange party is quite fun and easy. It’s a build in theme, cookies, a nice theme that sparks so many ideas. I always host mine during the holiday season, which adds to the richness of the theme. The challenge for me, and most home entertainers is finding a creative way to wow your guests once again. But that’s the fun part! I love to brainstorm exciting ideas that will impress my friends.

So join me as we walk through my planning of The Cookie Party.

First Stop: Invitations

Your guests first impression of your event is through their invitations. I’ve written about the pros and cons of paper invites vs. electronic invites here and my preferred invite method is definitely paper invitations. The tone of your event is set the moment they open the envelope. Imagine the excitement you feel when you see a card shaped envelope in the mail, that’s the excitement your guests deserve.

When I started thinking about my invitations for this years cookie party, I went to my one and only stop for invitations and greeting cards, AHappySlappyGreeting! The owner and creator of AHappySlappyGreeting, Aleea Slappy (also an attendee of the previous cookie parties) explored a few options with me. I initially wanted to do a rolling pin invitation, but that didn’t scream cookie enough for us. Again, I wanted to set the tone from the beginning. Somewhere during the brainstorming, came the most obvious decision, the invitation would be a cookie! Yes! Perfect. Aleea created a few samples, and the end product came out just as perfect as I imagined. These pictures do them no justice, they were perfect. I could not wait to deliver and mail out these invitations right away!!!

Next Stop: The Menu

Beyond the Essentials – Inspiration Thursday

So you’re tying the knot.

Here are few inspiration pieces to use during your wedding or bridal shower.

Get Creative. Get Inspired. Think Beyond the Essentials.


Beyond the Essentials…Inspiration Thursdays

I have come to love the idea of a Gender Reveal Party! Gender Reveal parties are similar events to baby showers where the gender of a soon to come baby is revealed. Soon to be parents can choose to throw the party in one of a few ways. In some cases, the parents know the gender and choose to share it with the guests with this fun twist to a baby shower. In other cases, only one parent ( or the trusted friend or family member planning the party) knows the gender and shares with the other parent and the guests at the party. The best idea I’ve heard thus far is when nobody knows the gender of the baby. The doctor gives the parents a sealed envelope with the gender and the parents pass it over to the baker to then color the inside of the cake with the corresponding baby color. All wonderful ways to share the news of the blessing to be!

If you’re thinking of hosting a gender reveal here are a few inspiration ideas to get you started.

Grand Announcement!

If you don’t want to go with a classic pink and blue, try the ” What Will It Bee? ” Bee theme, ” Waddle It Be? ” Duck theme or ” Bow or Beau ” Bows and Mustache theme.

Cupcake Reveal Announcement!

Fun Voting Activity!

Baby Naming Activity!

Get Creative. Get Inspired. Think Beyond the Essentials.

For More Gender Reveal Party Ideas Check Out My Pinterest Board


Role Reversal…How to be a Good Guest

Every event needs a good host and a good guest. The two work hand in hand for everyone to have a great time. For a change of pace, today’s post offers the essential tips on how to be a great guest.

– Don’t come empty-handed. It is proper etiquette to bring a host(ess) gift when coming to someone’s house for the first time. Following an initial visit, it’s nice to bring a bottle of wine or small gift for special occasions. Flowers, specialty bathroom soaps, wine and small gift baskets are great options for host(ess) gifts. Looking for host(ess) gift ideas? Check out my Pinterest Board.

– Arrive on time or according to the hosts style. In most cases arriving within 15 minutes of the start time is the polite move. But some friends run a little late. If you know the host tends to run late, arrive according to their typical style. Arriving early (read: on time) may be an annoyance or disturbance for them.

– RSVP On Time. Your host has a lot of planning and work to do, don’t add guessing to their list. Remember to RSVP by the requested date and let the host know if you will be attending  and how many people will be attending with you, including children (if it’s been stated you can bring guests with you). If you have any stipulations, such as a prior engagement before their event, let them know so they can understand if your plans change. If there isn’t an RSVP date, RSVP as soon as possible.

– Don’t overstay your welcome. When the party starts to die down, the host is putting away food and the end time is approaching, a good guest will pick up on the clues and say their thank you’s and goodbyes.

– Be Yourself. Everybody brings something to the party, and it’s not from the store, it’s from you! You were invited to the party because the host wanted you to share in the fun and the company. So be yourself and enjoy yourself!

Great Host + Great Guest = Great Event.