Designing Your Event Around A Unique and Bold Color: Tiffany Blue

Every woman smiles at the sight of Tiffany Blue. I am sure any woman would get excited to attend or even plan a Tiffany Blue themed event. But let me tell you, it sure is a hard color to find, and even harder to match.

Tiffany Blue is just one of a few unique colors that are hard to match exactly. Sometimes you fall in love with a color, whether its from a paint swatch, bottle of nail polish or Pinterest that you just have to use! Maybe it’s that perfect shade of emerald green, or that mix between pink and raspberry that you can’t just seem to find all your decor items to match.

Don’t let that burst your bubble. You can still have the perfect color themed event, without the stress of hunting for the exact color. 

Here are a few ways to put together the perfect event with that perfectly unique color, whatever it may be.

Invest in Key Pieces 

Tiffany Blue Cake

When you decide to design your event around a unique and specific color such as Tiffany Blue, you don’t need to go overboard. Before you Google Renting Tiffany Blue linens, take a step back and think about different ways to bring the color in. Instead of Tiffany Blue linens, make the impact with white or black linens and pop it Tiffany Blue napkins, chair covers or chair sashes.

The key is to not overwhelm your guests with the color theme. You don’t have to purchase everything you can find in the color. Be selective and pick out the pieces that will bring the most impact. Impactful pieces include the cake, favor packaging, flowers, signature cocktails and additional decor. (Photo: Continue reading


Inspiration Thursdays – Wine Theme Edition

Beyond the Essentials Event Blog Wine Themed Event Inspiration

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a wine themed event that I think would be perfect for a girl’s night in, birthday party or a romantic dinner party for couples. For this Inspiration Thursday post, I’ve decided to share a few of my ideas.

I hope to fully implement these ideas into a great event, but until then…be inspired!



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An Elegant Easter Dinner

Tis the season for bunnies, tulips and Easter Egg Hunts!

Easter is this sunday and most of us will be joining together with family and friends for a wonderful Easter dinner. If you happen to be the host of this year’s celebration, I have a few ideas on how to turn your annual Easter dinner into one the next host will surely have to live up to.

Let’s face it, everyone’s main focus is the dinner! So, lets spruce up our dinner tablescape for a little fun and class with these adorable bunny napkins (photo:

Also for the tablescape, showcase the flower of the season, Tulips, in this classy wine glass centerpiece. (Photo:

Bonus! These can also serve as parting gifts for the guests.

We can’t forget the children at the ” kids table “. Brighten up their holiday with these adorable utensil settings. (Photo:

As your family and friends gather and wait for the rolls to get out of the oven, let them snack on this easy and colorful veggie display. To add to the cuteness, you can display them as bunny ears! Too Cute! (Photo:

For the baker in the family, this is such a cute and very easy cake to make! It combines Easter, with the Peeps and Spring, with the sunflowers. (Photo:

And lastly, let’s celebrate with a toast! Peeptinis! (

What are some great Easter entertaining ideas your family or friends use? Leave a comment and share!

Beyond the Essentials – Inspiration

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to get our creative ideas running. Today, I provide you with a few inspiring napkin folding ideas. Napkin folding is a very easy and budget friendly way to add a little ” wow ” to your tablescapes.

(Photos found at, ,,