Beyond the Essentials…Inspiration Thursdays

I have come to love the idea of a Gender Reveal Party! Gender Reveal parties are similar events to baby showers where the gender of a soon to come baby is revealed. Soon to be parents can choose to throw the party in one of a few ways. In some cases, the parents know the gender and choose to share it with the guests with this fun twist to a baby shower. In other cases, only one parent ( or the trusted friend or family member planning the party) knows the gender and shares with the other parent and the guests at the party. The best idea I’ve heard thus far is when nobody knows the gender of the baby. The doctor gives the parents a sealed envelope with the gender and the parents pass it over to the baker to then color the inside of the cake with the corresponding baby color. All wonderful ways to share the news of the blessing to be!

If you’re thinking of hosting a gender reveal here are a few inspiration ideas to get you started.

Grand Announcement!

If you don’t want to go with a classic pink and blue, try the ” What Will It Bee? ” Bee theme, ” Waddle It Be? ” Duck theme or ” Bow or Beau ” Bows and Mustache theme.

Cupcake Reveal Announcement!

Fun Voting Activity!

Baby Naming Activity!

Get Creative. Get Inspired. Think Beyond the Essentials.

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