Inspiration Thursdays…Creative Ways to Label Food at a Party

Beyond the Essentials Event Blog - Creative Ways to Label Food at a PartyAs the host of a party, we deserve to have a good time too! But as someone commented on my recent post regarding hiring a bartender, sometimes our enjoyment is boggled down with serving our guests and answering a slew of questions, including, ” what is this? ” and ” what does this have in it?”.

When hosting an event in your home, usually you are familiar with the likes, dislikes and allergies of your guest list. If I have a guest who is allergic to a particular food item, when greeting them I tell them what on the menu was created with them in mind, and what items they should stay away from. There are usually only one or two guests with severe allergies, so it isn’t a major inconvenience on your part.

On the other hand, ” what is this?” will be asked by everyone. Here are a few creative (and fun) ways to label food for your guests. Continue reading


Designing Your Event Around A Unique and Bold Color: Tiffany Blue

Every woman smiles at the sight of Tiffany Blue. I am sure any woman would get excited to attend or even plan a Tiffany Blue themed event. But let me tell you, it sure is a hard color to find, and even harder to match.

Tiffany Blue is just one of a few unique colors that are hard to match exactly. Sometimes you fall in love with a color, whether its from a paint swatch, bottle of nail polish or Pinterest that you just have to use! Maybe it’s that perfect shade of emerald green, or that mix between pink and raspberry that you can’t just seem to find all your decor items to match.

Don’t let that burst your bubble. You can still have the perfect color themed event, without the stress of hunting for the exact color. 

Here are a few ways to put together the perfect event with that perfectly unique color, whatever it may be.

Invest in Key Pieces 

Tiffany Blue Cake

When you decide to design your event around a unique and specific color such as Tiffany Blue, you don’t need to go overboard. Before you Google Renting Tiffany Blue linens, take a step back and think about different ways to bring the color in. Instead of Tiffany Blue linens, make the impact with white or black linens and pop it Tiffany Blue napkins, chair covers or chair sashes.

The key is to not overwhelm your guests with the color theme. You don’t have to purchase everything you can find in the color. Be selective and pick out the pieces that will bring the most impact. Impactful pieces include the cake, favor packaging, flowers, signature cocktails and additional decor. (Photo: Continue reading

Inspiration Thursday – Accentuating the Cake Table

Let’s face it, one of the biggest highlights of any celebration is the cake. There are the surprising gender reveal baby shower cakes, memorable birthday cakes and romantic wedding cakes. Everyone wants a delicious, beautiful cake and a cake like that deserves to be a show stopper. There are some great inexpensive and creative ideas to accentuate your cake table. Just one of these ideas is sure to give your cake center stage at your next celebration event.

Go all out with the linen. This is the time to go for that over the top, sparkled, ruffled or patterned linen.

Create the spotlight. Whether it’s candlelight, a spotlight or lighting under the table, give your cake the shine it deserves.

Create an illusion. This is one of the most elegant cake table design I’ve seen implemented recently. You can use flowers or another theme element.

Pick a great pedestal. Set the right stage for your cake with creative cake stands.

Add a backdrop. If we’re setting the stage and lighting the stage we should add the perfect stage backdrop. Cute backdrops with streamers and balloons are perfect for children birthday cakes and make for great pictures.

What’s the best cake table feature you’ve seen? Leave a comment and share!


Beyond the Essentials – Inspiration Thursday

So you’re tying the knot.

Here are few inspiration pieces to use during your wedding or bridal shower.

Get Creative. Get Inspired. Think Beyond the Essentials.


Entertaining at Home…What to Invest In

So you want to start entertaining at home? Trust me, it’s not as time consuming or complicated as one might expect. One of the first steps to entertaining at home and giving your guests a great experience is making sure you have all the right supplies. Here are a few key items to invest in to make entertaining easier on you.

1. Serving Platters and Bowls. Let’s face it, when we’re rushing to welcome guests, the kitchen is the last place we try to keep clean. What’s the key to keeping your guests out of our messy kitchen and in the living area enjoying themselves?  The key is serving all of your delicious dishes all at once on serving platters. Yes, I know it adds to the dishes to be cleaned at the end of the night, but your guests will appreciate the effort.

Another great thing about investing in serving plates and dishes is that you don’t have to have a color theme or keep with a prominent theme in your home. Don’t get hung up on having to have matching serving ware, you can certainly get away with an eclectic variety. (Photo:

2. Cocktail Glasses. Start with the essential wine glasses and then add martini and margarita glasses to your collection. For the obvious reasons, cocktail glasses allow you to serve your guests cocktails in their appropriate glasses. Cocktails glasses aren’t just used for drinks though, you can use them to serve a variety of dishes and desserts. (

3. Serving Utensils. Make life easier for you and your guests by having the appropriate utensils for each dish being served. Key items to look out for: a large slotted spoon, large fork, large spoon, and tongs. Having the appropriate utensils along with their corresponding dish, eliminates you running to and from the kitchen, trying to find a fork or spoon for serving.

4. Pitchers and/or Beverage Containers. When you entertain at home, it should be entertaining for you and your guests. The best way to enjoy yourself as a host is to limit the amount of work you have to do. Such as telling people what you have to offer them to drink or getting up to show them where they can find the lemonade in the refrigerator. Pitchers and beverage containers allow you to keep all of your beverage offerings out and available. With a few creative ice ideas, you don’t have to worry about keeping them cold either. (Photo:

You don’t have to rush out and purchase all of these at once, just pass through the home goods section the next time you’re out shopping and see what you find!

Beyond the Essentials – Inspiration Thursdays

When planning a wedding or event centered around a guest of honor, we all love to have pictures on showcase. It can be a photo of the guest of honor, the couple or an assortment of photos with either amongst friends. Either way, people love to showcase pictures. And yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture showcased with a meaning is worth a million.

Here are a few creative ways to showcase yours or the guest of honors photo with meaning:

By far my favorite photo idea! Share a collage of photos and hang them in the shape of a birthday age or the guest of honors intials.

A birthday or wedding idea. Combine table numbers with photos of the couple or guest of honor at the corresponding age.

And because programs just don’t tell the story well enough. Don’t let the story of your friendship with the groomsmen and/or bridesmaid go untold. Create a space to introduce the bridal party to the rest of the guests. Photos can be of them alone, but I would suggest a photo that captures the true essence of your friendship.

A great way to use those embarassing baby photos? Use them on the restroom doors. The right picture will surely give your guests a chuckle.

A wedding is one of many milestones in a person’s life that deserves to be celebrated. As you and your groom walk down the aisle, why not take the time to showcase a few other milestones in your life. You can have photos of the bride on the bride’s side and photos of the groom on the groom’s side. You can also show the progression of your relationship with duplicate photos on each side of the aisle. Not only will your guests enjoy seeing your journey through the photos, I’m sure you will too!